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FAQ (frequently asked questions)



What is freeee.in?


freeee.in is the best way to experience excellence in the niche markets of business solutions, education, jobs, freeee ads, blog freeee and networking. 


freeee.in helps you view or download high quality content offers a way for you to experience excellence and to share stories about them with your friends.


The best way to learn about freeee.in is to explore the site, join some blogs and start using the efficiency for all human endeavors.  You can find more info about freeee.in in the “Magical Feature Tour”.



What are the rules for using freeee.in?


Please read our Guidelines to find out everything you need to know about being a model freeee.in citizen.



Will freeee.in always be free?


Yes, there will always be a free version of freeee.in



I'd like to use a document/presentation I found on freeee.in. How do I do that?


We share an incredible amount of amazing work on freeee.in


If there is a document/content/image you'd like to use, look for the "Request to license" link near the license on the page. We will review the request, determine if it's a good fit for licensing, and work out all the details if so.


As a member of freeee.in, you can send email to license@freeee.in and compose your message. When you contact us, it's best to include as much info as possible about the document/presentation, yourself, and how you want to use the same.  Should you need any additional content as a part of licensing requirement, please include that also, we would be to work with you to meet your expectations.



What is the business section on freeee.in?


The business section on freeee.in is to show what you can search related to business solutions, processes, procedures, templates and the like that relates to making your operations more efficient.  There is a lot happening on freeee.in every day and we hope this lets you see a little more of it.



What is the education section on freeee.in?


The education section on freeee.in is primarily for aspiring ISACA students who are pursuing either one or more certification programs (CISA, CISM, CGEIT CRISC).  The information is collected using a form on the site, validated and subsequently, high-quality content is emailed to the users to assist them to tackle the difficulties. 


DISCLAIMER: Please note that freeee.in is not an educational institute, neither it guarantees that the content made available through freeee.in would help you to score passing grades in your exams.  These documents should be used for guidance purposes only.  The use of these documents is entirely at your discretion and freeee.in is not responsible in any manner for your results or any loss that you may have suffered using these documents.



What is the jobs section on freeee.in?


The jobs section on freeee.in is primariy targeted at job seekers and job providers.


Job seekers can search for potential job openings.


Job providers can upload potential job requirements.



What is the freeee ads section on freeee.in?


The freeee ads section on freeee.in is to assist our users who want to rent, buy or trade in property, vehicles or any other article.  There is a lot happening on freeee.in every day and we hope this lets you see a little more of it.



I have concerns about something I've seen on the site. What can I do?


We recommend you to send us an email on report-abuse@freeee.in to give us feedback if you come across something or someone on freeee.in that is causing you concern.


When you send us your report, we need as much detail as you can give us (like links to content, or or... you know, links to stuff). We will review against the Terms of Use and our Guidelines, and take appropriate action as required.


There's also a link to this email on the footer of every page.  This is handy.



I think a freeee.in account may have been compromised, what happened and what can I do?


Do not access any pages that tell you that a 'Private Package' is waiting for you to download.  freeee.in does not create packages for downloading, and if someone claims they put one together, do not download it.  Please report it to freeee.in using the 'Report Abuse' link at the bottom, and indicate who the comment came from.


Also, e-mails about a freeee.in postcard sending system are false and should not be opened.  freeee.in doesn't send "postcards".  If you get an email asking you to try it out, the best thing to do is don't click on any links in it and delete the email.


Helpful Links:







I've found my comments/inputs on someone else's website, what do I do?


There are a few ways that your comments/inputs might be displayed outside of freeee.in, but still hosted here. Some of the ways include:


 - Blogs

 - Tag search applications

 - Web-based games (often fun memory based programs)

 - Screen savers (displaying most recent uploads, or photos from Explore, etc.)

 - Desktop widgets (like Apple's Dashboard or Yahoo! Widgets)


Through the freeee.in API, it is possible to construct such websites and applications that query Freeee.in's publicly available content and build dynamic content that displays content in interesting ways.  The actual image itself is not hosted on that site, but the display will probably look different than what you are used to.



The website is asking for authorization from me- will it reveal my Freeee.in/Yahoo!/Gmail or other personal passwords?


No.  We do not process such authorizations from freeee.in


If any outside website asks you for your passwords in addition to your user ID, do not give it out, but please let us know about it.



What are the system requirements and supported browsers?


For PCs, Macintosh or Linux, we recommend the following browsers:


Firefox (version 10 or newer)

Safari (version 6 or newer)

Chrome (most recent version)

Internet Explorer (most recent version)


We use Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Flash in a small number of places on the site.  Please ensure you have the latest version available.




Although there are no specific system requirements for viewing freeee.in, we do recommend that you use a reasonably powerful computer, and a fast Internet connection, because that will make it more fun.



The site is acting weird! Things aren't displaying... search results are missing... what gives??


A basic explanation is that we have lots of databases running Freeee.in, and if an individual machine gets overwhelmed, updates can fall behind. These are the main symptoms of weirdness:


"No results "

“Returned error”

Posts to blogs not working, and what not.


Even though it's confusing, the searches you are making around the place do work, it's just that there's a short delay in them showing up.


Unfortunately, this particular problem is compounded when people see that their search results/comments hasn't come up, and try to post it again, and then again... so, if you see this sort of behavior happening, the best advice we can give is just to leave it for a while and then come back.


We're continually working to make freeee.in as stable as we can. We hate it when this problem pops up... probably more than you!



Help!  How to clear cache on a page or the browser - how do I do that?


First, try clearing cache on a single page. This may refresh a script that was loaded a bit wonky in your browser, giving you a clean copy.


Go to an affected page, and then do a hard reload of that page to override the cache.

For most browsers on Windows, CTRL-F5 should do the trick. On a Mac, the key combination is slightly different: command-shift-R (command being the 'Apple' key).


To completely clear all browser cache


For Internet Explorer/Windows

 - From the browser menu:

 - Tools > Internet Options > General

 - Select the "Temporary Internet Files" section

 - Press the button marked: [delete files]


For Firefox (Mac & Windows)

 - From the browser menu:

 - Tools > Clear Recent History...

 - When the dialog pops up, select the 'Cache' option and de-select others

 - Press the button marked: [Clear Now]


Safari Mac

 - From the menu bar:

 - Safari > Empty Cache

 - Press the button marked [Empty]


Safari Windows:

 - From the settings menu dropdown selector:

 - Reset Safari > Select the 'Empty Cache' selector only

 - Press the button marked [Reset]


Opera Mac

 - From the menu bar:

 - Opera > Preferences > Advanced > History > Disc cache

 - Press the button marked: [Empty now]


Opera Windows

 - From the browser menu:

 - Tools > Preferences > Advanced > History > Disc cache

 - Press the button marked: [Empty now]


Google Chrome Windows

 - From the wrench icon on the browser toolbar:

 - Tools > Clear browsing data > select "Empty the cache"

 - select the amount of data that you want to delete

 - Press the button marked: [Clear browsing data]


Google Chrome Mac

 - From the browser menu:

 - Chrome > Clear browsing Data > select "Empty the cache"

 - select the amount of data that you want to delete

 - Press the button marked: [Clear browsing data]


After you have cleared your browser cache, reload the page to refresh the content you see.



freeee.in tells me I need to enable cookies, but they are already enabled... what should I do?


If you aren't sure whether cookies are enabled or not, you can check using these instructions.


If you have cookies enabled but for some reason still can't get into freeee.in, try using a different browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox. Another thing that may work is to close down your browser session and open a new one. Still can't access the site? Please contact us at support@freeee.in


Opera users:


Opera may not log you in if you select the option to only accept cookies from sites you visit. If your settings are like that, you may need to set your preferences to allow them globally.



Opera Menu > Preferences > Cookies > [x] Accept Cookies



Tools > Preferences > Cookies > [x] Accept Cookies




I've been told to "slow down partner." What's up with that?


If you're reading this FAQ entry, it's very likely that you've bumped into one or more of the limits that we've had to put into place to combat spam and spammy behavior* on freeee.in.


The fact that you're reading this makes it highly unlikely that spamming the Freeee.in verse was your intent and we don't mean to cast aspersions about your character. This message should clear by waiting a little time and trying again.


* An example of spammy behavior would be commenting "Great presentation" on 20 blogs in 1 minute. Leaving the same comment that quickly isn't really giving the freeee bloggers feedback but is usually self promotional and "spammy behavior".




Can I link freeee.in contents to my site?


Users are allowed to link to an external site where they show their work portfolio and talk about their services.  A single link to this site without sales verbiage under your blog is allowed. But we ask that you not link to a site with a shopping cart or that is essentially just in the business of selling product or services.


Other commercial links are still not allowed on freeee.in since, as noted in the Guidelines, freeee.in is an online portal for business excellence solutions, education, jobs, freeee ads and networking service – not a site to sell or promote your products, services, or yourself, whether you’re a commercial entity, non-profit organization, or an individual.


"Don’t use freeee.in to sell”.

If we find you engaging in commercial activity, we will warn you or delete your content/comment/blog. Some examples include selling products, services, or yourself through your input or comments in a group/blog, using your blog/comment solely as a product catalog, or linking to commercial sites in your blog/comment."


We don't allow commercial links on your blogs/comments, or other places on freeee.in


We do allow you to have a commercial link in your profile – which is where people would go to find out more about you.



Someone is using my name/business name as theirs on freeee.in site.  What can I do?


After a comment/blog has been updated on freeee.in, it is the users responsibility to ensure that they do not post anything that infringes someone else’s name/business.


If you believe that your trademark is being infringed by a freeee.in user, please email us at support@freeee.in link at the bottom of any freeee.in page and our team will work with you to resolve the issue.  We can remove the trademark infringing comment after review of your request.



How can I keep myself safe on freeee.in?


If you are concerned about privacy and safety there are many things you can do to help keep yourself safe when using freeee.in.


Keep Safe Search turned on. The default setting is on.


Only share your email address, instant messenger IDs, and other personal information with people you are comfortable with.  Review your other privacy settings to ensure you’re only sharing the information that you want to.


Don't add personally identifiable information on freeee.in profile that you aren't comfortable having public on the web.  Report abuse that you feel violates our guidelines.

Read our freeee.in Guidelines and the Terms of Use and ensure all your content is in compliance.