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Our mission is to provide useful and accessible information

We’re perfectionists. Idealists. Inventors. Forever tinkering with processes and solutions for you, always on the lookout for better. Our mission is to provide useful and accessible information relating to practical tools that will make a difference in your organization. 


The search engine is named as "freeee", with two additional "e" that refers to "experience excellence". was promoted in 2011 with an idea of providing useful and accessible information in the niche markets of business excellence, education and networking.  The work started long before the incorporation of the entity—which until then didn’t exist.


At, great ideas have a way of becoming great services, and customer experiences very quickly.  The focus is on our users to experience excellence in all we do. has packed a lot into a business excellence, education and networking based on the principles of the"miracle of little plusses".  Since 2011, we’ve grown to serve thousands of users around the world.