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Yellow Pages from is a niche business directory resource portal for you, when it really counts!!!  We are a user-friendly, multi-platform, local search service operating absolutely free.  It allows users to find what they are looking for instantly, in real time. We pride ourselves in being the ultimate local search engine through our commitment to fast, accurate service and we are completely dedicated to becoming the most successful local search service in USA and India. 

At, we firmly believe that every business has the right to promote their services to every potential customer.  We enable our users to connect to the business they are searching for when it really counts, through our web-based service to showcase every business with graphics (logos and photographs), and customer testimonials. Unlike other search services, we are able to actually advertise our business clients to the world, thereby giving their potential customers greater depth and understanding, allowing our business clients to become more and more successful. is geared to become the most profitable local search company in the world. We believe in simple, user-friendly service that is fast and absolutely free to our users and our commitment to the accurate transfer of information from businesses to customers that will literally change the way people search for information in USA, India and around the world.


A niche business directory resource for you, when it really counts.

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